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  • The Modern Catholic
    Admit it. When you hear that a young movie star or musician is a devout Catholic, you pause for a second; not because it is an extreme religion, but for exactly the opposite reason. Maybe it's because we hear so much about actors and actresses changing religions more often than the seasons change, or perhaps it is because we expect them to be Scientologists or Kabbalahists or worship at the altar of "Cats Who Know How to Use the Remote Control. Read More...
  • Catholic Church Giving Up Adoption Says Boston Arch Diocese
    The Catholic Church Arch Diocese of Boston says they will no longer do child adoptions because they refuse to allow gay couples to adopt. All this sound and fury hurts kids and one might say that this is not surprising of the attacks of the gay and lesbian movements. Actually myself, well I am equally appalled at the treatment of the Boy Scouts as well, as the Gay and Lesbian Community attacked something I very much approve of and even participa Read More...
  • My Theory on Religion
    Now, keep in mind I used to go to church every Sunday with my parents. I use to be Catholic, now I don't know what I am. I use to bring the Bible with me everyday to school and I use to be an alter boy (haha, but nothing ever happened to me, honestly). One day, I started to question my religion and told my parents I was too sick to go to church. Unfortunately, they didn't believe me after the second or third time. Of course, my punishment w Read More...