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Mini Skirts To Church?

Have you noticed that many of the new churches today allow their congregation to wear pretty much what ever they want to church? Even some of the pastors wear Hawaiian shirts instead of suits and ties........ Read More

What Is A Church Accounting Software And How To Buy One?

A revered institution like church commands the general faith of the people and is widely looked upon with utmost respect. The faith of the people is what keeps the church performing its religious and ........ Read More

Divorce - How To Rebuild Your Life - The Church

Divorce is sometimes looked down upon for many religions. There are plenty of people that think you are a bad person because you are not getting a long with your spouse and you may be considering div........ Read More

Popular Church Fundraisers

Each year, in the United States, an unlimited number of church fundraisers are taking place. Church fundraisers, over the past few years, have rapidly increased in popularity. For many church congre........ Read More

Easy Methods For Church Fundraising

Church fundraising has got to be one of the easiest ways of fundraising that is out there. Everyone is willing to give to the church and is more than willing to help in any way possible. Church fundra........ Read More

How To Handle A Decline In Church Membership

Do you serve on your church’s board or are you a church leader, like a pastor, yourself? If you are, have you been noticing a steady decline or even just a small decline in your church membership........ Read More

Donating Money To Your Church: Is It Required?

Are you interested in attending church after time away from not doing so? If you are, you may be looking for a new church congregation to join. If you are looking to do so, you may have a number o........ Read More

What To Do If You Are Looking To Join A Church

In the United States, there are millions of Americans who are proud of their religion. Many of these individuals attend church on a weekly basis, often multiple times a week. With that in mind, the........ Read More

How Many Churches Are Now Using Technology

Are you the member of a church congregation or would you be interested in attending Sunday services in the near future? If you are or if you would, there is a good chance that you may be interested........ Read More

Illegal Immigration And The Catholic Church

I am a Catholic. I am also, however, against illegal immigration. I believe that we should clamp down harder on illegal immigrants and we should do more to protect our borders. Churches, whether they ........ Read More

Christmas Cookie Recipe: Chocolatey Church Windows

When it comes to the holiday season, there are just certain things we can’t live without. Or at least, there are certain things we think we can’t live without. One of those items for me is a famil........ Read More

Vertical Platform Lifts In Church

Vertical Platform Lifts are like small scale elevators that connect areas of different elevation so that they are accessible to people in wheelchairs or those who are mobility challenged. One of the m........ Read More

What To Consider When Looking For A Church

Are you interested in attending church? If you are and if you have yet to do so in your adult years, you may be wondering how you should proceed. In all honestly, it is much easier to find a church........ Read More

Financing Options For Church Construction

Financing church construction is, for some churches, a very easy task while for others it is a source of never-ending frustration. We could expound on some of the factors that might place your church........ Read More

The Church As Good Neighbor

There has been a lot of discussion going on about whether religion should be part of public life. This kind of theoretical discussion can be thrown around on national television shows. But anyone ........ Read More


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