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The Church

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"For twenty years, the delegated representatives of the Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican, Evangelical, Pentecostal and Roman Catholic churches...have sought to uncover a global, multilateral and ecumenical vision of the nature, purpose, and mission of the Church." -- from the Preface *** What can be done in order for the Church of the Triune God to grow deeper in communion, to strive further for justice and peace in the world, and to overcome together past and present divisions? The Church: Towards a Common Vision proposes a remarkable answer to this question. Developed by theologians from a wide range of Christian traditions and cultures, this book addresses first the Church's mission, unity, and its being in the Trinitarian life of God. It then discusses the need for growth in communion - in apostolic faith, in sacramental life, and in ministry - as churches divinely called to live in and for the world. (Series: Faith and Order)

A Church Of Passion And Hope

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Jesuits have contributed to the life and theological development of the Church for many generations - culminating in Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope. Ignatius Loyola called his men and all those inspired by the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises to a certain ecclesial disposition a way of thinking, judging and feeling with the Church.

Gill Goulding discusses the key texts from St Ignatius' life and work to identify the Ignatian ecclesial disposition that is centered on Christ. It is fuelled by a Trinitarian horizon, and with a clear emphasis on the dignity of every human person. Golding introduces and examines key historical figures such as St Pierre Favre and Mary Ward; as well as two of the major 20th century theologians - Henri de Lubac and Avery Dulles. Finally, Goulding highlights the Ignatian ecclesial disposition in the highest authority of the contemporary Roman Catholic Church, in the background to the pontificates of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis, focusing on the centrality of Christ and the work of the New Evangelization.

This book raises the key questions of the relationship between Christ and the Church as the body of Christ. It indicates the importance of maintaining a Trinitarian horizon in theological vision and raises the pertinent if difficult question of the meaning of Christian obedience. Goulding also underlines the importance of the integration of spirituality and theology which has ramifications for all Christian denominations and possibilities for ongoing inter-faith dialogue.

A History Of Music At Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

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Christ Church has had a complex and varied history as the cathedral church of Dublin, one of two Anglican cathedrals in the capital of a predominantly Catholic country and the church of the British administration in Ireland before 1922. An Irish cathedral within the English tradition, yet through much of its history it was essentially an English cathedral in a foreign land. With close musical links to cathedrals in England, to St Patrick's cathedral in Dublin, and to the city's wider political and cultural life, Christ Church has the longest documented music history of any Irish institution, providing a unique perspective on the history of music in Ireland. Barra Boydell, a leading authority on Irish music history, has written a detailed study drawing on the most extensive musical and archival sources existing for any Irish cathedral. The choir, its composers and musicians, repertoire and organs are discussed within the wider context of city and state, and of the religious and political dynamics which have shaped Anglo-Irish relationships since medieval times. More than just a history of music at one cathedral, this book makes an important contribution to English cathedral music studies as well as to Irish musical and cultural history. BARRA BOYDELL is Senior Lecturer in Music, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

A Catholic Perspective On The Purpose Driven Life

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Provides opportunities for guided reflection, sharing and prayer that reinforce many of Pastor Rick Warren's points with additional commentary on areas where Catholic teaching varies. Using this companion guide, which follows Warren's 40-day process, either individually or in a group, will assist Roman Catholics in transforming their lives and appreciating the richness and beauty of their Faith tradition.

A History Of St. Edward's Church

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In this fully-revised third edition, the author sketches the history of a church in Kent, Sierra Leone that grew in indirect proportion to the transatlantic slave trade: as it grew, the trade waned. Both the church and the village emerged and developed as a direct result of the British 1807 Abolition Act, by which many thousands of captive Africans were released into Freetown. In writing this short history, the author, whose association with Kent village has spanned more than 40 years, has drawn on the insight of the Anglican Church Missionary Society, officials of the colonial government, and villagers themselves, whose ancestors were there when it all happened.


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