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A Catholic Philosophy Of Education

RRP $233.99

In today's pluralist and multicultural society, questions about how to teach religiously and ethnically diverse students in Catholic schools abound. A Catholic Philosophy of Education addresses these challenges by examining the documents from the Roman Congregation for Catholic Education alongside the writings of Jacques Maritain and Bernard Lonergan. Mario D'Souza proposes a contemporary formulation for a Catholic philosophy of education in which the ideals of Catholicism form the basis for the mission of the Catholic school. Drawing on the Church's educational documents, and informed by Maritain and Lonergan, D'Souza explains how the unifying anthropology of Catholic education enables Catholic schools to serve amidst diversity by avoiding the extremes of religious exclusivism and fundamentalism, on the one hand, and relativism and individualism, on the other. He explores the aims of Catholic schools in relation to students, teachers, and society, and the relationship between goodness, discipline, and knowledge. He argues that students must be educated for personal and communal freedom and authenticity, and to strive for the common good, suggesting how a Catholic philosophy of education can provide the framework for such personal and communal transformation. Essential reading for new and experienced Catholic educators, A Catholic Philosophy of Education demonstrates that Maritain and Lonergan have much to offer in service of an education that is liberating, instructive, illuminating, and integrative.

Comparative Education

RRP $518.99

This book is divided into four parts. In Part One the author considers the natural factors which have influenced the various national systems of education. They comprise racial, linguistic, geographical and economic factors. In Part Two he considers the contribution of religious traditions to education, more particularly those of the Catholic and Puritan faiths, and in Part Three the secular traditions of humanism, socialism and nationalism. Finally in Part Four a comparison is made of the systems of education in England and Wales, the USA, France and the Soviet Union.

A Theory Of Catholic Education

RRP $86.95

Presenting a robust and philosophically based account of education from the Catholic point of view, Sean Whittle engages with important debates and questions concerning the nature and purpose of Catholic education and schooling. The book opens with a review of the criticisms that have emerged about the prevalence of Catholic schools within the state system and, indeed, about the very notion of there being such a thing as 'Catholic education'. The author then goes on to survey official Church teaching on education and the work of key Catholic thinkers, Newman and Maritain, before moving on to discuss the writings of Karl Rahner, a leading twentieth century theologian.A Theory of Catholic Education argues that Rahner's approach, with his focus on the place of mystery in human experience, provides a way forward. Ultimately, Whittle demonstrates how Catholic theology can offer a unique and much needed theory of education.

The Essential Catholic Prayer Book

RRP $18.69

A treasury of traditional private prayers along with familiar liturgical devotions that cover all aspects of Catholic heritage, The Essential Catholic Prayer Book is an easy-to-use, all-in-one resource for those looking for a more satisfying and varied prayer life.

This book collects in one place prayers for holy days, holidays, or special occasions, prayers of blessing and contrition, prayers of rejoicing and thanksgiving, novenas and litanies, prayers from the saints, familiar daily prayers, and a wide variety of other texts for private and communal works of mercy.

Young Men In Israeli Haredi Yeshiva Education

RRP $300.99

By looking at the case of Lithuanian yeshivas in Israel, Yohai Hakak's book explores the internal tensions and dynamics of religious orders during a stage of a relative 'loss of charisma', in which the enthusiasm of the founding generation has diminished. It is the first study to include participant observations conducted within these institutions, which are the sacred heart of this segregated and highly religious community. The book highlights the current crisis these fundamentalist institutions are going through marked by a dramatic growth in yeshiva dropout rates. It examines the new and innovative ways the rabbis are trying to respond to the crisis. As part of these attempts the rabbinical discourse portrays a unique utopian and egalitarian world governed by supernatural forces and unlimited spiritual resources and incorporates Western psychological and democratic ideas. This book is also available in paperback. "Hakak's book is a great scholarly achievement." Motti Inbari, University of North Carolina at Pembroke "In sum, the book manages to elaborate on important developments and changes in the Haredi world: The emergence of cautious deviance, questioning of old ideals, or the rise of individuality. At the same time Hakak explains how these changes inflict strains upon the social structure of the Haredi world. The book can be therefore recommended particularly to scholars dealing with the development within the Haredi society." Peter Lintl, Institut ur Politische Wissenschaft, Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg


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