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Education In A Catholic Perspective

RRP $467.99

A distance is opening up between Catholic education and the rich intellectual heritage of the Catholic Church. Education in a Catholic Perspective explores Catholic philosophical and theological foundations for both education per se and for Catholic education in particular. With contributions spanning the theological foundations of Catholic education, the interplay of theology and education, and discussions of the social and missional dimensions of education, this book will be of considerable interest to educators and students of Catholic education, to academics in the fields of applied theology and philosophy and to those with an interest in the foundations of education.

Comparative Education

RRP $518.99

This book is divided into four parts. In Part One the author considers the natural factors which have influenced the various national systems of education. They comprise racial, linguistic, geographical and economic factors. In Part Two he considers the contribution of religious traditions to education, more particularly those of the Catholic and Puritan faiths, and in Part Three the secular traditions of humanism, socialism and nationalism. Finally in Part Four a comparison is made of the systems of education in England and Wales, the USA, France and the Soviet Union.

A Theory Of Catholic Education

RRP $86.95

Presenting a robust and philosophically based account of education from the Catholic point of view, Sean Whittle engages with important debates and questions concerning the nature and purpose of Catholic education and schooling. The book opens with a review of the criticisms that have emerged about the prevalence of Catholic schools within the state system and, indeed, about the very notion of there being such a thing as 'Catholic education'. The author then goes on to survey official Church teaching on education and the work of key Catholic thinkers, Newman and Maritain, before moving on to discuss the writings of Karl Rahner, a leading twentieth century theologian.A Theory of Catholic Education argues that Rahner's approach, with his focus on the place of mystery in human experience, provides a way forward. Ultimately, Whittle demonstrates how Catholic theology can offer a unique and much needed theory of education.

American Law From A Catholic Perspective

RRP $230.99

As Gerard V. Bradley, Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame, asks in his foreword: "What then should one expect to learn from a volume about American law from a Catholic perspective?" His answer is a straightforward one: "One should expect a critical guide to the moral evaluation of laws," noting of the essays collected in American Law from a Catholic Perspective: Through a Clearer Lens: "The moral evaluative perspective which unfolds in succeeding pages illumines, justifies, and critiques America's laws." Edited by Ronald J. Rychlak, American Law from a Catholic Perspective is one of the most comprehensive surveys of American legal topics by a gathering of major Catholic legal scholars. Contributors explore, among other subjects, bankruptcy, bioethics, corporate law, environmental law, ethics, family law, immigration, intellectual property, international human rights, labor law, legal education, legal history, military law, the philosophy of law, property, torts, and several different aspects of constitutional law, including religious freedom, privacy rights, and free speech. Here readers will find probing arguments that bring the critical perspective of Catholic social thought to bear on American legal jurisprudence. Essays include Michael Ariens' account of Catholicism in the intellectual discipline of legal history; William Saunders' assessment of human rights and Catholic social teaching; Hadley Arkes' look at the place of Catholic social thought with respect to bioethics; Lucia Silecchia's examination of a Catholic understanding of stewardship with respect to environmental laws; Dorie Klein's consideration of the place of Catholic views on the death penalty and Eighth Amendment jurisprudence; and many others on major legal topics in American jurisprudence-and their intersection with Catholic social teaching. American Law from a Catholic Perspective: Through a Clearer Lens is essential reading for all Catholic lawyers, judges, and law students, as well as an important contribution to non-Catholic readers seeking guidance from a faith tradition on questions of legal jurisprudence. Based on well-developed and established ideas in Catholic social thought, the evaluations, suggestions, and remedies set forth offer ample food for thought and a basis for action in the realm of legal scholarship.

Creativity And Education In China

RRP $425.99

Published with Kappa Delta Pi, Creativity and Education in China takes readers on a journey through research-supported ideas and practical examples of creative and innovative schooling within a changing regime. Analyzing the consequences of exam-centric accountability on the creative and critical capacities of Chinese students, author Carol A. Mullen's dynamic portrait of a country serves as both a cautionary tale and an inspiring example to emulate. Examining creative endeavors and breakthroughs within a competitive, globalized educational landscape, the chapters are organized around environmental and global issues impacting education, expressions of creativity within pre-K-12 schools in China, and creative innovation in higher education learning environments. Presenting captivating cases from the field, the book offers novel approaches to fostering creativity as a natural, integrated part of high-stakes education systems in Eastern and Western cultures alike.


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