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A Modern Christmas Carol

RRP $13.99

In a thought-provoking retelling of the Dickens classic, a shrewdly successful televangelist receives unexpected Christmas visitors: first, his long-dead partner, and then three ghostly guides.

Finally able to acknowledge the shallowness of his message and doubts he has long suppressed, he makes amends with far-reaching consequences.

"[A] masterful retelling ... Well done!"
- Tom Flynn, editor of Free Inquiry magazine and author of The Trouble with Christmas

"Consistently ingenious and beautifully written ... thought-provoking!"
- Dr. Robert M. Price, The Bible Geek

"A clever little book, filled with insights, that takes the conceptual framework of Dickens's Christmas Carol to new heights of rationality without sacrificing any of its compassion."
- Paul Gabel, author of And God Created Lenin and Inventing Jesus

"In this retelling of the Dickens classic, Bob Seidensticker gives age-old vices and values a modern face, one that is as familiar and cliched-and yet also as engaging and provocative-as the crotchety old Dickens banker himself."
- Dr. Valerie Tarico, author of Trusting Doubt: A Former Evangelical Looks at Old Beliefs in a New Light

"The author does all atheists a service by having his characters express profound arguments against the claims of traditional religion. He does all Christians a service by providing them the safe environment of a novel as an impetus to begin to question their faith within the privacy of their own minds."
- Edward Tabash, Constitutional lawyer, atheist and church/state separation activist

The First Christmas

RRP $19.99

This early reader activity book takes children (ages 3-8) through the story of Jesus birth. Featuring stories from the popular Spark Story Bible, this Play and Learn book invites children to explore the themes of the nativity story through puzzles, mazes, matching games, fill-in-the blank, discussion questions, prayers, and more! Perfect for jump-starting family worship discussions or for kids to explore on their own.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Ceremony

RRP $13.99

Start a new tradition this Christmas Eve. This ceremony of Christmas Carols, Reading the Christmas Story and Lighting of Candles is designed to be used year after year to develop a tradition that people love to return to. Tested in congregations as small as 35 members and as large as 900 members you will enjoy the simple flow of the service, the complete detail of script and the freedom to make adjustments for your local congregation. Designed around a simple format of music then Scripture reading, then repeat again and again, the service begins with the lighting of the Advent Candle and moves through the reading of the prophecy of Isaiah, the prophecy of Micah, the visit of the angel to Mary, then to Joseph, the actual story of the birth of Jesus and then the subsequent stories of the Shepherds and the Wise Men. Space is given to add in as much or as little music as you wish, including solos, groups, and choirs. You have a place for an offering and the serving of communion.

The Day Santa Met Jesus

RRP $44.99

The Day Santa Met Jesus will carry you from the Santa Throne to the Throne of God. Santa meets a child who asks for a very unusal gift: a Bible for her Mama. What is a Bible, Santa wonders. As he takes a nap, Santa has an experience that will change his life forever. From the humble birth of Jesus, to the betrayal by Judas, to the angry mob, to the cross, then on to the empty tomb, Santa discovers many things that he had not known. He finds himself in the presence of several people whom Jesus had healed while he ministered on the earth. Among these people was one strange lady. With her came that odd feeling he had earlier with the child who wanted a Bible for her mama. Was there a connection? As you read, you will understand that the child and the woman were meant to be, for they bring about the meaning of a book called the Bible for Santa. As Santa understands more, he accepts Jesus' gift of salvation. He then knows he is not able to give the greatest of all gifts...yet he can share the greatest gift.

A Christmas Posy

RRP $16.99

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.


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