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How The Modern Catholic Church Turned Into A Cult

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Scholastic work of Anna Anahit Paitian, A theological biblical research shows that from the Middle Ages in the Roman Catholic Church there had been some additions of words controversial to the modern perceptions, like dedication a prayer verse to "lucifer." Is it a proper name or common ? The researcher compares the Latin text with ancient other texts. Presenting a theological debate.

Catholic Church And The World Religions

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This is an introduction to the World's major religions from a Catholic Perspective. There is no single standard textbook that outlines the official Roman Catholic theological position in relation to other religions which then explicates this orientation theologically and phenomenologically in relation to the four main religions of the world and the flowering of new religious movements in the west. The present project will cover this serious gap in the literature. After outlining the teaching of Vatican II and the magisterium since then (chapter one), each subsequent chapter will be divided equally between: an exposition of the history and features of the religion or movement being studied; and a serious theological analysis of these features, showing how these religions do have elements in common, as well as how they differ in fundamental ways from Catholicism.

I Believe In The Catholic Church

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Today we hear of Liberal Catholics and Conservative Catholics. We hear of Anglican Catholics and Roman Catholics. We hear of Traditionalist Catholics and Conciliarist Catholics. We hear of Old Catholics and New Catholics. One can find all manner of churches today claiming to be the Catholic Church. Jesus Christ founded one Church, which we know as the Catholic Church. And so just where is this Church? We know that Jesus Christ founded His Church to last until the end of time somewhere on earth. True, it will have its ups and downs. Consider the Arian heresy, when the world groaned and found itself Arian rather than Catholic. And yet the Catholic Church survived and restored herself. The Church has suffered through two schisms. The Eastern Schism produced the Orthodox Church, which remains until this day. The Western Schisms saw a time of two men claiming to be Pope and then three. After forty years of confusion, the Council of Constance was able to obtain the resignation of two of the claimants and the deposition of the third. Then it produced a single Pope to restore order to the Church.And today with all kinds of people claiming to be Catholic, just who are and who are not the Catholics? In order to answer that question this work simply presents the teaching of the Catholic Church on her constitution from two separate sources. The first is taken from 'Exposition of Christian Doctrine' by a seminary professor. This was originally published in 1894 for the use of catechists. In the appropriate places quotes from more recent Encyclicals and the Code of Canon Law have been added.After this, the article on this article of the Creed has been taken from the Roman Catechism, also known as the Catechism of the Council of Trent. No conclusions have been drawn. This work is merely presented to enable people to find the Catholic Church.

Roman Triumphs And Early Modern English Culture 2001

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This is the first comprehensive study of the revival and appropriation of the Roman triumph from the 1580s to the 1650s. English versions of the triumph included ceremonial re-enactments, poetic or pictorial representations, and stage performances. As well as many non-canonical writers, Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Marvell, and Milton all produced versions. The book includes an original survey of ancient literary models and the work of humanist antiquarians, and shows how all its texts are implicated in contemporary political conflicts and discourses.

So You're A Chaplain To A Catholic

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Chaplains must deal with individuals of different traditions. This work assists ministers in better understanding Catholics and how to minister to them. This work looks at Catholic practices and beliefs as well as contains prayers that to Catholics are familiar. Included is also prayers to be used in a hospital or military setting for the sick and dying. The chapters are: What is a Catholic When to notify a Catholic priest Common Religious Practices: Mass Attendance, Dietary, Ash Wednesday, Mary and the Saints Catholic Prayers Catholic Sacraments Theological Issues Ethical Issues These are short chapters aimed at giving a non-Catholic minister quick information in ministering to a Catholic in a critical setting. This work was created to assist military Chaplains in carrying out their duty to facilitate Catholic soldiers.


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