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How The Modern Catholic Church Turned Into A Cult

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Scholastic work of Anna Anahit Paitian, A theological biblical research shows that from the Middle Ages in the Roman Catholic Church there had been some additions of words controversial to the modern perceptions, like dedication a prayer verse to "lucifer." Is it a proper name or common ? The researcher compares the Latin text with ancient other texts. Presenting a theological debate.

It Makes A Difference Being A Catholic

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IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE BEING A CATHOLIC And The Difference Is Grace. In this writing there lies not only teaching for the Catholic in his Faith but of hopeful ecumenical discourse with others. This book does begin with the Roman Catholic Church's affirmation that salvation is for all, who are disposed to obey God and live virtuously and righteously (Pope Pius IX, 1863). Then Vatican II lauded the spiritual uprightness of other churches: Eastern and Western, Protestant and Anglican, the Jewish people, also, the Muslim, the Buddhist, and non-believer as well. Witness the growing responsiveness and respect between those of different religious beliefs, especially Catholic and other Christians who share Holy Scripture, belief in a (Triune God, Divinity of Christ, the Resurrection, etc.) though differing on interpretation of others (the Sacraments, Infallibility, Purgatory, etc.). Yet, if salvation is for all, virtuously disposed of any belief, does it matter which faith? Does it make a difference? Yes, and it lies in the invaluable divine gift of sanctifying grace, which from birth to death, comes primarily through reception of the seven sacraments of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church (Nicene Creed).

Catholic Church And The World Religions

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This is an introduction to the World's major religions from a Catholic Perspective. There is no single standard textbook that outlines the official Roman Catholic theological position in relation to other religions which then explicates this orientation theologically and phenomenologically in relation to the four main religions of the world and the flowering of new religious movements in the west. The present project will cover this serious gap in the literature. After outlining the teaching of Vatican II and the magisterium since then (chapter one), each subsequent chapter will be divided equally between: an exposition of the history and features of the religion or movement being studied; and a serious theological analysis of these features, showing how these religions do have elements in common, as well as how they differ in fundamental ways from Catholicism.

Roman Republican Theatre

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Theatre flourished in the Roman Republic, from the tragedies of Ennius and Pacuvius to the comedies of Plautus and Terence and the mimes of Laberius. Yet apart from the surviving plays of Plautus and Terence the sources are fragmentary and difficult to interpret and contextualise. This 2011 book provides a comprehensive history of all aspects of the topic, incorporating recent findings and modern approaches. It discusses the origins of Roman drama and the historical, social and institutional backgrounds of all the dramatic genres to be found during the Republic (tragedy, praetexta, comedy, togata, Atellana, mime and pantomime). Possible general characteristics are identified, and attention is paid to the nature of and developments in the various genres. The clear structure and full bibliography also ensure that the book has value as a source of reference for all upper-level students and scholars of Latin literature and ancient drama.

10 Good Reasons To Be A Catholic

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Help teens answer the questions and deal with the doubts they may have about the Church and Catholic practices.


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