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China's Underground Catholic Church Realities

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China's Roman Catholic Underground Church, of what do we really know? The phrase "Once I was blind but now I know comes to mind". One would have to be quite naive to not understand the power that the Chinese government has over its people. This book brings to light much that is never mentioned about the world's most powerful government. There is much happening in China that is now and will in the not to distant future effecting the world.

Gerard Manley Hopkins And Victorian Catholicism

RRP $287.99

Although largely unknown in his lifetime, Gerard Manley Hopkins was, Jill Muller contends, the 'heart in hiding' of Victorian Catholicism. Investigations of Hopkins's spirituality have too often detached his beliefs from their local habitation in a newly industrialized, historically anti-Catholic and increasingly secular England. This book restores the poet to his full intellectual and literary context by exploring his responses to the writings of his Catholic contemporaries, and by situating the preoccupations, dramas and disappointments of his life in the wider setting of Victorian Catholic culture.
Drawing on historical and cultural studies of Victorian Catholicism, along with Hopkins's writings, Muller shows how the melancholy trajectory of the Jesuit poet's career mimics the deflation of Catholic hopes during the second half of Victoria's reign, as well as the turn within the Roman Church of England from a triumphalist rhetoric of conversion to a more introverted and insular spirituality.

It Makes A Difference Being A Catholic

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IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE BEING A CATHOLIC And The Difference Is Grace. In this writing there lies not only teaching for the Catholic in his Faith but of hopeful ecumenical discourse with others. This book does begin with the Roman Catholic Church's affirmation that salvation is for all, who are disposed to obey God and live virtuously and righteously (Pope Pius IX, 1863). Then Vatican II lauded the spiritual uprightness of other churches: Eastern and Western, Protestant and Anglican, the Jewish people, also, the Muslim, the Buddhist, and non-believer as well. Witness the growing responsiveness and respect between those of different religious beliefs, especially Catholic and other Christians who share Holy Scripture, belief in a (Triune God, Divinity of Christ, the Resurrection, etc.) though differing on interpretation of others (the Sacraments, Infallibility, Purgatory, etc.). Yet, if salvation is for all, virtuously disposed of any belief, does it matter which faith? Does it make a difference? Yes, and it lies in the invaluable divine gift of sanctifying grace, which from birth to death, comes primarily through reception of the seven sacraments of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church (Nicene Creed).

Modern Romania

RRP $230.99

ôModern Romania makes a significant contribution to the political history of Romania and Central Europe, as well as to the literature on the dynamics of political and social change in the region. The book has special merit in identifying a number of factors that threaten the stability of democracy in Romania--the most insidious of these being endemic corruption which affects all aspects of society. Gallagher sounds a timely warning note about Romania's future.ö--Dennis Deletant, author of Ceausescu and the Securitate: Coercion and Dissent in Romania Gallagher thinks in neat, clear categories and writes with a style to match.--Foreign AffairsSince the 1989 fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, Romania, arguably the most regimented of states in the Soviet bloc, has struggled with the transition from totalitarian state to democratic nation. In this insightful examination of modern Romania, Tom Gallagher provides an overview of RomaniaÆs unique political and social history, focusing on both its national identity as well as the legacy of Soviet rule. Gallagher provides an in-depth look at Romania since 1989, focusing on the governmentÆs attempts at economic reform, engagement with democracy, problems with corruption among the ruling elite, as well as the weakness of civil society and the resilience of implacable expressions of nationalism. Ultimately, Gallagher argues that thus far democracy has essentially failed in Romania. In fact, he warns that Romania is on its way to becoming one of the most unequal states in Europe and quite possibly a future trouble-spot unless efforts to resume much-needed reforms are undertaken.

Traditional Devotions For Young Catholics

RRP $14.99

A traditional Catholic prayer book including the Latin Mass in English. In an ideal world, our children's prayer books wouldn't take a beating. But they do. In a large family, purchasing children's missals at $15 -$20 a piece every six months to a year can get expensive. Introducing Traditional Devotions for Young Catholics, an affordable prayer book in paperback form. Produced for children ages 3 - 10, it covers a wide age range. There are many religious pictures for those below reading age. For older elementary age children, the full texts of the Mass, the Way of the Cross, an Examination of Conscience, and meditations on the Rosary help foster devotion. Meet your child's love and desire to know and pray with a prayer book you won't be afraid for them to use. If you would like to see this book in your parish bookstore, wholesale discounts are available on


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