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A Trip to Rome

Rome is one of the best loved cities in the world and is popular with visitors from all over the world. Once the centre of an empire whose east to west boundaries were Mesopotamia and Spain and England to North Africa from north to south.

Rome is a massively popular tourist destination and it is easy to see why; everything is full of history, with ruins, monuments, intricate fountains, wide open piazzas and museums full of art treasures. There is a saying that Rome wasnít built in a day Ė it is also true that Rome canít be seen in a day if you want to pay it anything more than a cursory inspection.

The Romanís are famed for their architecture to this day, and standing in the classical city you will see why. Although many structures are in ruins there are still some that are standing, whether complete or in part. And of course the city-state of the Vatican, the centre of Roman Catholicism lies to the west of the River Tiber and proves equally adept in the dual role as place of pilgrimage as tourist destination.

After a hard day sightseeing, or a start to the day, visitors to Rome can enjoy a strong shot of caffeine in the form of an espresso in one of the numerous piazzas. And for lunch and dinner there is plenty of choice, from a slice of pizza or pannini while on the move, to a pizza, pasta and ice cream, as well as the best selection of regional cooking in Italy.

David Leigh is both a keen traveller and enjoys good food, especially in abundance and so Rome was an ideal destination. More about Rome.

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