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About Romania - A Land Of Contrast And Paradoxes

A land of contrast and paradoxes, Romania is a country of numerous characters, community and regions. Not only Constantin Brancusi, Eugene Ionesco, Emil Cioran, Mircea Eliade, and Nadia Comaneci but also Dracula and Nicolae Ceausescu impart a distinct identity to this country. If you have a look at the old world of Romania, Ancient heritages such as paintings, monasteries and churches make it a vast museum to be explored for things. However, the new Romania features modern palaces like that of parliament and subway network in Bucharest. Most of the Romanians have adopted western lifestyle.

Romania lies in South-Eastern Europe. Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldavia, the Black Sea surround the country in different directions. Romanian lands expands in 237,500 sq. km. Population is more than 22,788,993 which include mainly countries like Romanians, Hungarian, German and Gypsy minorities. More than half of the Romanian population resides in urban areas. Rural areas also comprise a good proportion of population.

Abundance of folk tales, legends, poetry, music and dance impart a special recognition to this beautiful country. All these qualities have been inherited from generations to generations. Romanian Greek Orthodoxism is predominant as the religion. Other significant denominations include Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, Calvinism, Greek-Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Baptism, Islamism and Judaism. Romania is country with Republican Government. The capital city is Bucharest. Romanian currency is Leu. The flag contains three vertical stripes of red, yellow and blue colors. December is the national day. Visitors come from other countries as well to celebrate the national day of Romania. This is what Romania is all about and hope that it can help you move across places in the country.

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