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Article Marketing for Authors - Does It Work?

The process of marketing books online has become a multi-million dollar project. But the reality may be somewhat different. Iím going to focus on generating some traffic to a new book release site, using Article Marketing and see if it does work.

The purpose of Article Marketing is to bring traffic to your website. And that does work. The proof is in the pudding (or the signups on my website), and youíll just have to trust me on this - but Iíve had several signups for my new Ezine ďThe Secret to ProsperityĒ just since I published a couple of articles last week. And Article Marketing is the only Marketing Iíve done so far on that site.

So, I thought Iíd share the process with you.

1) Design a nice page with squeeze technology, using simple html, a friendly background, and a signup form from your favorite ezine producer. I use www.ezezine.com. This doesnít have to be pretty, but it should be straight forward, honest, and smooth. Upload the page to your site and start creating content for the back side of the website. (Be sure you get the links right; people hate having to click back to find what they were looking for the second time.) 2) Write. Now hereís the sticky part, what you write should have something to do with your website topic, ezine, and be informative about what youíre doing online. The more professional sounding your articles are, the more credible youíll be as an expert in your field. This doesnít mean you canít have fun, or that your articles have to be dry. Just donít do stupid stuff in your articles, like share your prejudices, talk a lot of political dissention, or air your dirty laundry in public.

Make your articles more than 300 words and strive for a range somewhere between 400 and 700 words. Pick a single topic and stay on topic for the whole article. (I lack some serious expertise in this area, I tend to wonder a bit, but editing helps solve this problem.)

3) Promote your site. For instance: the book project. Anne T. Oxley is a writer who wanted to publish a book about her Faith, so she wrote a book. Several publishers turned her down because it appeared to be too Ďcontroversialí. But, an online publisher offered to help her publish her book online, and make it available through her website at http://annetoxley.com and it worked. Anne researched the History of the Catholic Church, and inserted her views on faith, along with some opinion, and her understanding of several doctrines including Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, and Muslimism, and wrote them into her book ďWe are ALL Children of the Same GodĒ. The book is written from her heart and has a definite purpose.

Her book has several things going for it.

a) it was released just before Easter.

b) it is written by an author who is recognized.

c) it is a controversial topic that will get a lot of attention.

d) it will attract those who are in a specific niche.

e) itís available online for a reasonable fee.

Using Article Marketing to market a book is simple if you know the contents of the book. You can write actual content from the book into articles, and allude to the solution found in the book, but never quite answer the questions, so people want to purchase the book. Or, if you donít use content from the book, you can write from content that might surround the book, perhaps focus on the controversy.

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