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Becoming an Expat in Alberta

When it comes to North America, Canada has much to offer. Here is a preview of things to know if you are considering moving to Alberta.

With a wide range of culture and living styles, moving to Alberta, one of Canada’s most invigorating and diverse Provinces, can be a positive experience and investment. Jobs are plentiful and modern health care and hospitals are only miles away from most cities. Education is top notch and tax dollar funded. From big city living to suburban bliss, Alberta offers it all.

If the beautiful scenery and environment are not enough to get your wheels spinning, knowing that Alberta has the strongest economy in Canada may be successful in lighting your relocation fire. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in all of Canada, Alberta boasts plentiful jobs in hundreds of common markets. Nearly half of the population posses a college degree and most citizens are well educated. Many jobs include those in the natural product industry such as gas products as well as agriculture markets. Jobs in oil and farming are abundant and a growing tourism industry makes way for hundreds of hospitality careers.

With one of the most advanced education systems in Canada, moving to Alberta is a wise investment in your children’s future. Different from typical American school systems, there are two education tax sectors. Practicing Catholic families typically attend schools in the public Catholic School System while non-Catholic families attend schools operated by the Public Calgary Board of Education. Both systems are tax supported and children can usually cross from one to the other if necessary. The Catholic and Non-Catholic schools alike have excelling standards and have accommodations for all students.

Since access to the United States is made easy from bordering state Montana, moving to Alberta is often not a major culture shock. The climate in Alberta is extremely dependant on your specific location within the province. Weather can range from mild to severe and can have very cold winters and exceedingly hot summers. Typically, though, the average temperature in Alberta is negative ten degrees Celsius in the winter and about twenty degrees Celsius in the summer. Grasslands are abundant as are mountains, lakes and even boreal forest climates- all very different atmospheres. Since climates vary greatly, do your research about climate and weather to determine the best city in Alberta for your family.

The friendly stature and welcoming attitude of the people living here makes for a smooth transition when moving to Alberta. Many welcome groups are set up and with an abundance of support groups and local clubs, finding friends as a newcomer is often simple.

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