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Bible Interpretation Technique-Shocking, Yet Powerful

"What is God trying to teach me?"

This question should always be on our minds anytime we read a scripture. But sometimes coming away from a Bible study session with a personally relevant, soul-enriching message is not that easy. If you are having difficulty finding that "personal message" in your Bible reading, then the following technique might prove helpful. But I've got to warn you up front; it might seem to be a bit unorthodox. Please rest assured, it was taught to me by an old-school, venerable Pastor and it's entirely valid. It does require some creative courage however. At least it did for me the first time I tried it. It consists of just two easy steps:

1. Determine the main character of the passage.

2. Substitute your name for the character's name as you read the scriptures again.

When I first heard about this technique, it made me slightly uncomfortable. Should I change the character's name to mine-even if it's Jesus? I can't do that, can I?

Yes you can. Not only is this type of interpretation technique allowed, but it is almost guaranteed to enrich your Bible reading.

If there is one thing I've learned in my long walk with Christ it's to always be willing to try something new- even if there is only a small chance it will help me grow in grace.

God is ever-old AND ever-new. Every so often a new idea will cross your path, so you must be willing to push your faith a little out of your comfort zone and implement it.

Try this simple two-step process. You may discover that with practice, your patience, creativity, and courage will be rewarded with a more meaningful relationship with the Word of God.

Martin O'Brien is a Lay Minister in the Catholic Church with a Ministry in Adult Education. He has recently published a book: How to Become A Catholic-expert in 90 Minutes.


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