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Calgary Real Estate

Nestled just east of the Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta is the city of Calgary. A city with a rich history, Calgary is the third largest city in Canada and was recently voted the world's cleanest city by the Mercer Quality of Life Survey. Calgary was lao the first Canadian city to play host to the Winter Olympic Games in 1998, and many of the facilities constructed for those games have given Calgary a reputation as a fantastic sporting destination. In fact, some of the world's best skiing is located a short drive from Calgary at Banff and Lake Louise.

Calgary has come into it's own as one of Canada's premier cities and this reputation is bolstered by a thriving economy, quality homes, and great education. The major base of Calgary's economic picture is dominated by the booming oil industry. In an age where oil is rapidly becoming the world's most precious commodity, Calgary has excelled in carving out a niche for itself based on the enormous oil deposits that lie beneath Alberta. However, the city has remained cognizant of the need to diversity its economy and has developed a dynamic tourism industry that brings over 3 million people to the city annually. One of the more well-known tourist events is the annual Calgary Stampede.

The housing industry has seen constant growth, especially since Calgary's arrival on the world stage in 1998. A better and more scenic backdrop could not be imagined as Calgary sits at the base of the continent's most notable chain of mountains, The Rockies. Homes in Calgary are more affordable than those in the other major areas of Canada such as Vancouver and Toronto and comprise of a great mix of single-family and multi-family residences. There is also a great educational system in place in this city with numerous post secondary options such as The University of Calgary, Mount Royal College, and many other smaller institutions.

Calgary has asserted itself as both a fantastic place to live and a great place to work and play. With strong recreation programs and a bounty of top-notch venues in which to host them, there is never really a shortage of things to do in Calgary. Check it out for yourself!

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