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Catholic Charities

Traditionally, a charitable trust is any kind of a private, non-profit, philanthropic, human health and welfare organization. They may be active in the fields of education, religion, health, wealth, government or any other areas that benefit communities. Nonprofit organizations work for the benefit of human welfare, and do not make a personal profit. These organizations are exempt from tax. Catholic charities are charitable trusts run mainly by the Catholic church. These charities work to improve the living conditions of the poor and the needy. They try to provide economic and emotional stability to people by providing them with housing, education and employment.

Catholic charities are non-profit and non-discriminatory organizations. Needy people are treated with equal love and care, irrespective of their religion, sex, age, race, color, or origin. Even though Catholic charities have risen from Catholic gospel values they do not treat people of other beliefs any differently. These charities serve a huge population of various backgrounds like Chinese, Filipino, and Mexican. These charities try to provide steady employment with good wages for people who need the jobs. They try to protect the people from racial discriminations and prejudices. Since these issues have an intergenerational impact, Catholic charities try to protect the families across the age groups.

Catholic charities usually depend on donations from affluent citizens. This money is used to provide a better life to the poor and the needy of the country. Catholic charities try and ensure that all people in the community are cared for. They do the best they can with the income that they get through donations.

Catholic charities strive to unite and mobilize a growing number of Catholic institutions, individuals and persons of good faith. Their goal is to maximize the church's influence on issues of poverty, drug abuse, unemployment and women and child welfare. Most Catholic charities are affiliated with Catholic Charities USA, the largest private human service network in the United States.

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