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Catholic Church Alienating Gay and Lesbian Community

The Catholic Church has been under some sharp criticism in the last few years. There have been some scandals and unanswered questions to the satisfaction of many on-lookers and parishioners. The Pope was found to have served in the NAZI Youth and then all those pedophiles, which were discovered in the United States.

The Catholic Church was quick to point out that Pope had to join the NAZI Youth as all the young men were compelled too. Well regarding Ratssinger the Pope and his NAZI service; I have friends who were able to get out of the country instead of joining the Nazi Youth and risked their lives in doing so I am not sure playing meek is an appropriate excuse for his service in the NAZI Youth. If you will recall that the Catholic Church was blessing the NAZIs and doing so on the Allies side too.

And one never feels good about reminding all the good Catholics out there that the Catholic Church has been allowing rape and molestation of children for over 2000 years, so I did not mean to cause a scene on that point or pour salt into a wound, only to illustrate the problems facing the credibility of the Catholic Church.

One thing that may not be understood is that the average Homosexual makes more money than the average American by quite a bit. Surely the Catholic Church wants the tithing from the gay and lesbian community, but does not wish to alienate the other larger tithing market either. Does this mean they want the homosexuals in parish in reality, but not in open? Is this the closet affect that has up until recently hurt the forward progress of Gays?

Is the Catholic Church looking for a “Do Not Ask, Do Not Tell” sort of way to handle this issue? And if so, which it seems so, isn’t that indeed just more hypocrisy on top of all the rest. (i.e. rape, pedophilia, molestations, NAZI and stolen art). And really I am not judging, just asking some questions here.

One point brought up and one which keeps popping up in Online Blog discussions is interesting in that; “Why would a Homosexual want anything to do with the Catholic Church, unless they had been indoctrinated and immersed in the religion early on as a child, thus making it more cultural than religious?” Personally I do not see how the Catholic Church can continue to play both sides against the middle with the gay and lesbian community. These are all hard questions, which need to be answered and as a Straight Non-Catholic, I just don’t have the answers. Do you?

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