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Catholic Church and Its Silly Attire

Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church wears all those silly get-ups? I mean why do they wear costumes that look as if they are out of a silly Hollywood old B movie, never made it to video flick? Who on Earth is in charge of that ridiculous wardrobe anyway?

Of course must of the Catholic Church is based on tradition and no they do not poison their Popes so they slobber all over the balcony when waving to the crowd, they are just probably sick of it all themselves. I guess it is all of what you make of it really. As a young man I ran a mobile car wash and fleet truck washing business and we cleaned vehicles for Sparklettes Bottled Water and Nabisco, they were both vendors and suppliers of the Catholic Church.

Yep, you guessed it the Holy Water and the Catholic Church Easter Sunday Wafer? Of course someone has to make it and the water was blessed before anyone partakes of it so I guess it is okay? Nevertheless, one has to wonder about all this stuff and who blessed all those Nabisco Crackers and Bottled Water?

Well it was that guy in the cheap costume out of some Shakespeare Festival left over costume material. The Catholic Church and Its Silly Attire; you have to wonder why anyone would swallow all that poppycock? I guess humans can be lead to believe just about anything? Consider all this in 2006.

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