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Catholic Church Fails to Stop Da Vinci Code From Making 224 Million

The Catholic Church pulled out big guns and called the Da Vinci a complete fairy tale, but it was the Catholic Church who looks silly now as this Tale grossed 224 Million over the weekend? Whoops? Did the Catholic Church once again stick its foot in its mouth? This huge volume ties one of the other all time records of Star Wars Episode III. The movie made massive amounts in the United States. Although many of the reviews were considered negative most movie-goers did not listen and instead went to see the movie.

It appears this might be another slap in the face to the Catholic Church’s ego and pride, it seems to send a clear message to the Catholic Church that indeed “its days of ruling over the people is over” said one public relations analyst and writer on changes in modern society. The movie even had record setting attendance in Spain, Italy and other places, which are heavily devout Catholics.

Does this mean the Catholic Church is on its way out across the Globe? This anti-Da Vinci Code stance of theirs is making them look really silly and one movie viewer I talked today said this reminds him of the “Illegal Immigration Boycott” which was to bring the Nation to her knees, and when it was all over the retailers did not even notice; only that theft losses were very low that day. Apparently the Catholic Church cannot even get its own followers to boycott a movie? Wow? Very interesting indeed; consider this in 2006.

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