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Converting Applications to C - Simple, Affordable, and Painless

Converting an application to C# can be quite the endeavor for any company, frequently requiring months of work and costing thousands of dollars. Many businesses that opt to use software that converts applications are quickly realizing the unparalleled benefits that such programs can provide them.

Converting code instead of hiring a programmer to re-write an application from scratch has tremendous financial and time-saving benefits. Using a code migration solution can save up to 90% of the development time it would take an employee to perform a re-write, literally taking only minutes (one company’s conversion code engine can convert 50 lines per second). Thus, cutting that time saves money by significantly reducing employee billable hours.

There are also a number of less obvious advantages and conveniences of using software to convert to C#. Conversion code programs are typically able to maintain all the changes and additions that were previously made to the application when converting to C#. The interface of the software is usually simple and user-friendly, making it easy for users to learn C#. Also, code conversion software has a greater accuracy, eliminating any possibilities of human error. Most companies that sell convert to C# services and other code migration programs offer telephone and email support at no extra charge, allowing users to easily and effortlessly convert their applications.

Last but not least, you can convert more than one programming language to C#, such as Delphi and VB. If your company has applications to convert to C#, consider purchasing code migration software. Doing so will save a substantial amount of time and money and enable a seamless transition from one programming language to another.


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