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Faith In Jesus

Faith In Jesus: What He offers You:

  1. He loves you unconditionally.
  2. He will never let you down.
  3. Help if you have lost a child unexpectedly.
  4. Help if you have been abused as a child.
  5. Help if you were raped by someone you knew or a strange.
  6. Help if you are having marriage problems.
  7. Help if you are feeling depressed for some reason.

Faith In Jesus: You Are Special.
Whatever happened God and Jesus loves you. And believe it or not He can help you recover from whatever pain you have had. He can guide you if you ask Him. You can talk to Him have a relationship with Him and He always has time to listen. Writing down how you feel to Him, He will hear you too.

Faith In Jesus: Depression.
Are you feeling very depressed - that can happen after a loss or when you have been abused and you feel that there is no hope- Jesus is there. He has all the time in the world to hear You. You need to tell Him what is bothering you and You also need to be able to hear what HE is saying.

How do you know when you are hearing Him? He is happy and gives happiness in your heart. Sometimes you might be feeling that He has not heard you, but unlike you HE is not in a hurry.

Faith In Jesus:
The devil loves you to be miserable. But what will push him away is following Jesus and being happy and trying to make the most of each precious day which God has given to you.

  1. Have a good Laugh.
  2. Watch a good film.
  3. Find things that You like doing.

When you have been abused all your self esteem goes and you feel that you are no good.

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Joanna is a survivor and is author of a website that will help you heal from child abuse. To visit it click the link below:


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