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Giuliani Quotes Bible, Misses Jesus Point

Rudy Giuliani said that people should heed Jesus. Giuliani referred to this biblical setting: The woman caught in adultery was dragged before the Savior. Pharisees ordered Jesus to have her stoned.

Jesus said that if anyone was without sin, he could throw the first stone. The crowd dispersed, starting from the oldest to the youngest.

What Giuliani did not state to the Christian Broadcasting Network interviewers was the rest of the biblical record. Jesus then turned to the woman and said, “Go and sin no more.”

To Giuliani Jesus says, as He does to us all, “Go and sin no more.”

Giuliani has continued to sin in doing as he jolly well pleases when it comes to marriage and divorce, for instance. He told press that he spent four years in theological studies. He said that he was brought up Catholic, supposedly meaning that he knows the Christian ethic. He said that he takes his religion seriously.

But he obviously is opportunistic with his religion as he is with everything else.

When it comes to his Catholic moral base, he discounts Catholic positions on abortion and active homosexual lifestyles. That’s for starters. So he does not take his religion seriously. He carves it out as he wants, keeping that convenient and discarding that inconvenient. Welcome, Giuliani, to the Apostate Club currently in fashion.

Regarding marriage, he married his cousin in 1968, divorcing her 14 years later, getting an annulment. He married another in 1984, divorcing her in 2002. Now he is married a third time since 2003, per AP.

After talking about his faith to reporters, then he interjected that his faith is to be kept private. Evidently he cancelled out that postulate by making it public when convenient and, we can count on it, keeping it under wraps when the biblical messages pinches his anti-Bible immorality.

So much for Giuliani’s sincere discipleship in following closely to the Savior.

I repeat: Mr. Giuliani, if you really mean to walk in Jesus’ footprints, then “go and sin no more.”

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