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High Tech Brisbane Southside School

Are you looking for a Brisbane Southside School? One that has strong principles, values and ethics, and yet also is nationally and internationally recognised as providing the very latest of technology for schools, combined with high educational standards? If so, you would need to carefully consider John Paul College.

Refcently I spent several days on a consulting assignment at John Paul College, and so I thought I would share my impressions in this article.

Located in Daisy Hill, near Springwood on the southside of Brisbane, the campuses and facilities are beautifully maintained and ooze careful care in their quality and standard of presentation. Lush green ovals, well kep, litter free grounds and fully airconditioned modern buildings are just the start!

JPC Is A National Education Technology Leader Within a Local Brisbane Southside School!

John Paul College, or JPC, for short, has been recognised for many years as being at the forefront as a educational leader in Australia when it comes to the adoption and successful implementation of technology. But not technology just for technology's sake! This is about technology that makes a real contribution to assisting the learning experience and outcomes of the students.

The school makes tremendously effective use of laptops for every student from Grade 4 upwards. A quick tour around any of the classrooms will reveal students quietly beavering away in front of laptops - each student has one!

And they really DO use them, for every subject, plus a huge range of other things including rosters and timetabling, sporting events, reporting, communicating with teachers, discussing assignemtns with peers..., the list seems to go on and on.

JPC Is A Brisbane Southside School With High Standards Of Respect and Behaviour ...

You can't help but be impressed as you take a stroll around the campus, as the students respectfuly greet teachers as "Good morning Ma'am" "Good afternoon sir". This is something very different from most schools these days.

And it seems to set the scene for some very high standards of behavior generally throughout the whole school - very reassuring in this day and age when disrespect for authority figures seems to be on the increase!

These are just a couple of impressions that stand out when you come into contact with this high quality Brisbane Southside School. The staff would be happy to arrange an inspection tour and further information for you, if you are thinking of placing one of your children at this leading edge school, which offers fee levels well below the top tier Private Schools in the greater Brisbane area.

Peter Cutforth is a management and internet marketing consultant.

You can visit the John Paul COllege website here: http://jpc.qld.edu.au/

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