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How to Buy Discount Roman Shades

Roman shades adorn windows to block the sun or to give privacy. Traditional Roman shades are cut from rectangular fabric and fall straight down. When its string is pulled, the Roman shade raises in regularly spaced panels. You can also use sheer fabrics create a soothing, warm light from a bright sun.

Roman shades are one of the most inexpensive types of window treatment. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find deals to make them even cheaper. If you are making your own shades, for example, keep on the lookout for fabric on sale. Since the Roman shade is made mostly from fabric, you can significantly cut the cost. Online fabric stores have searchable fabric clearance sections, and your local fabric store will have regular fabric sales. If you have a fabric theme or color, wait until the season ends to shop for fabric. If, for example, you want dark green Roman shades, wait until after Christmas to find cheap fabric. Also ask retailers for scraps of fabric. Roman shades do not require much fabric, and you could easily decorate a small window with a large fabric scrap.

You can also visit department stores for returned or slightly damaged Roman shades. You should save a huge percentage on cost, and you can put the shades where few people will see them, like in the basement.

You can find already-made discount Roman shades online. Some companies sell, for example, flat Roman shades that are 38 inches by 46 inches for under $80, as compared to $174 to $330 for the same brand-name shades. Some discount Roman shades are custom made for you at wholesale prices. Internet searches for discount Roman shades should provide you with an afternoon of “window shopping.”

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