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If Jesus Was a Jew; What is With the Mexican Name?

All biblical scholars know that Jesus Christ was Jewish, however I don't believe this at all because if Jesus was a Jew then why does he have the Mexican name? Jesus pronounced; “Hey Zues” sells more like a Greek god to me. But if Mexicans are a combination of the old Aztec civilization and Mesopotamian Indians mixed with the Spaniards who came later then I just do not see the correlation that Jesus was a Jew at all.

In fact just the other day I was at Burger King and I met Jesus, he was the assistant manager there and although he did not speak very good English I just knew it was him because he had a name tag is that Jesus right on it.

So you see, now I believe in Jesus because I met him and although his crew makes a very sloppy hamburger and does not speak very good English he seems like an okay guy to me. I am not sure if Jesus was an illegal alien, but he might be.

I just do not see why all these people are following a guy that works at Burger King, whose crew did not understand what I was saying when I asked them to hold the catsup and instead put extra catsup on.

It appears to me that this whole Jesus thing is a miscommunication and very bad interpretation. You know I really don't think Jesus is listening to anybody now that I finally met him, it makes no sense to give your life to Jesus if he can't even get your order right. Consider this in 2006.

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