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James Camerons The Lost Tomb of Jesus - Nothing More Than Fantasy

Every so often, somebody turns up something that is going to be “the biggest discovery of the century,” and more often than not, it turns out to be a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

This is, and will at some point be officially recognized as, the case of the topic of James Cameron’s new documentary “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.”

Cameron and his crew claim that a tomb was found that is believed to house the bodies of Jesus Christ and the Holy Family. In addition, supposedly Mary Magdalene and a child she is presumed to have conceived with Jesus are buried there as well. Basically everything about this discovery, which took place in 1982, is extremely suspect.

First off, the filmmakers claim that DNA tests where done. Quite frankly, that’s impossible. After all, you can’t do a DNA test when there is no DNA to compare any findings too.

Second, according to archeological documentation, the name “Jesus,” as well as the others supposedly found with him, where quite common in that era. In fact, more than 70 other tombs in the area have bared the inscription “Jesus.” And, it isn’t the only one to make reference to him as the “Son of Joseph” either.

Third, experts say that the actual inscription for Mary Magdalene reads “Mary known as the master” which would be a stretch to associate it with her by any level of imagination.

Fourth, faith is very important here. Christians believe Jesus, as well as his mother Mary, were raised from the dead “body and soul” and therefore these claims would go against the central core of Christianity.

The bottom line is that this is not the tomb of Jesus nor his family. You can’t find a body when there isn’t one to be found.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jason_Greiner