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Jesus Drives A Dodge?

Just as any typical drive on 1-35 highway to downtown; we were listening to the radio, chit chatting, talking on the cell phone.

Then bang... I switched lanes and I am right behind Jesus.

Yes, that is right, I said... I was right behind Jesus.

I am not sure what was more shocking to find myself behind Jesus or to learn that he drives a beat up old Dodge.

I am yelling on my cell phone to my cousin, Jenorey, "We're following Jesus! We're following Jesus!"

She was a bit skeptical of my sighting. Perhaps her skepticism was green laced with jealousy.

This is when I learned cell phone lesson #131.
If you try to use your cell phone to take a picture while currently talking on it:
1. you will not get a picture (i.e. evidence) and
2. you will end up talking to yourself.

Bottom line...I didn't end up with a picture of Jesus in his Dodge or the identifying bumper message, "Follow Jesus".

(Not that we need proof. We know what we saw.)

Our life was only touched for a few miles. Apparently, Jesus' destination was not the same as ours. He exited onto Front street. We watched his Dodge circle the exit ramp that leads to the Isle of Capri Casino.

In hind sight, we should have followed Him to the casino. Imagine the prayers answered that day!

"Please.. please Jesus, all I need is an $1,000."
Actually, that wouldn't even pay for one of my credit cards.

"Please... please Jesus, all I need is $10,000."
Actually, that wouldn't even pay off a fraction of my debt.

"Please...please Jesus, all I need is ... is the JACK POT!!!!!"

by Joanna Simmons - http://learningthegray.blogspot.com/

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