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Jesus on the Shore of Our Life

"But when the morning had now come, Jesus stood on the shore; yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus" (John 21:4).

It was after a night of failure for the disciples that Jesus appeared on the shore. "Disappointment and defeat may prepare us for a new manifestation of the grace and power of Jesus Christ" (Anonymous). We may weep in the night, but joy finally comes in the morning; as the sun rises, the Son rises and comes to our aid. Jesus is seasonable as well as reasonable; He comes when we are most in need. Another thought here: Christ was present through their night but only allowed Himself to be visible to them in the morning.

*Jesus stood on the shore, loving His disciples, watching their heartbreaking failure in their ordinary duty, and knowing that He is about to help them. He is on the shore of our life, too, aware of all that is happening to us, and knowing that He is about to give us victory, only we don't see Him. Also, perhaps we need to evaluate the difference between success, which is what we want, and victory, which is what God gives us. Success is what we achieve and victory is what God achieves for us. Success can sour; victory is sweet.

*Jesus stood on the shore, where we doubt His power can reach us. He stood on the quiet shore, as the disciples looked and probably thought He was an ordinary person waiting for the boat to come in. Little did they know what He was about to do for them. Jesus often is very near to us, ready at that moment to help us, and we don't realize or recognize Him.

*Jesus stood on the shore of nature, where the sun was rising and the air was fresh and sensation was touched with wonder at the beauties of creation. This is where we meet our God, out where He has touched it with His brilliance.

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