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Meditation: All About Catholic Meditation

Praying involves a form of deep concentration of the almighty and thus can be described as a form of meditation. One can be verbal in prayer and devotion and or use the mind to have a conversation with God. While prayer and worship in a gathering is almost always about praising the Lord through fervent prayers and hymns, personal prayer is a moment of self reflection and is about having a deep quite dialogue with God.

Catholic meditation involves doing just this. While in other forms of meditation the mind is freed of all thoughts and ideas, in catholic meditation the exact opposite happens. The mind is channeled towards concentrating on God in all his majesty, thus making it a very proactive kind of meditation.

Catholic meditation is a two part session. The first involves creating the perfect ambience using the body and mind through posture and concentration and the second which involves the actual process of meditation.

Posture and concentration: The catholic way of prayer is either through kneeling or sitting. Once can choose a posture which is the most conducive to oneís praying mind. What is important to know is that in both postures the body is angled so as to show respect and submission.

Once the body is in position the mind needs to be prepared to initiate a deep meditation. The best way to achieve this is by concentrating on an event or verse from the Bible, or on a reading from the liturgy, or by just thinking about God.

Steps in Catholic meditation: Place yourself in Godís presence. God is present everywhere and not just in places on worship. Catholic meditation is about invoking the Lordís presence within oneself by imagining his physical presence near or watching over. This is the first step towards meditation and is important to as this helps in clearing the mind of all other thoughts.

Ask for Godís help. He is the almighty and the creator of all and we need his blessings and help in all that we do. Seeking Godís help in all areas of our lives is but natural and understands that he never tires of helping us.

Actual meditation: The actual meditation is about making the point or scene of meditation as realistic as possible including the sighs and sounds. Then imagining oneself as an interactive part of that scene and meditating on it.

Give thanks. We always end all prayer and worship by thanking God and the last step in Catholic meditation is no different. Thank God for all his help before and during meditation.

Catholic meditation is different from other forms of meditation as it is about recognizing and accepting that God is omnipotent and it involves meditating on that aspect of Christianity.

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