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Middle Ages - Stability Due to Roman Catholic Church

During the Middle Ages, 401 to 451 A.D., my research indicates the Roman Catholic Church to be the one stabilizing force, due to their effective organization.

The Church provided a distinctive line of leadership, which helped to stabilize and preserve civilization. To over emphasize the services of the church during this time would be impossible.

Parish ------------------- Priest in charge

Dioceses----------------- Bishop in charge

Province -----------------Archbishop in charge

Supreme Jurisdiction---The Successor of Peter

Its splendid organization directed by such able Popes as Leo the Great (440-461) and Gregory the Great (590-604) did much to preserve the civilization. In the absence of efficient civil government, the church assumed responsibility for education, charity, and care of the sick.

The Benedictine Monks were tireless missionaries working among Pagan Anglo-Saxon, Frisians, and Thurigians. Their Monasteries were islands of order and peace in a sea of chaos and war. They sheltered libraries and scholars and frequently had model farms where the agricultural science of the ancients was still known and applied.

This short history of fifty-two popes, important because of their leadership roles in the continuance of history, explains the value of continuity of civilized government. The purpose of including it indicates the will of the church to persist in the face of adversity.

During this time, Rome was sacked by Goths of Alaric, Honorius was persuaded to prohibit gladiatorial contests in the Arena, and Pelagius began teaching in Rome. Zosimas elected Pope in 417 A. D. perfect the Nicean Creede as still quoted today at Mass, insisted on the rights of the Church against foreign interference.

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