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My Personal Best Techniques for Generating High - Converting Traffic I

I have given you in this book a wide variety of different traffic generation techniques. You can use just about all the techniques I have given you to drive traffic to your web site, and of course once the traffic is at your web site, you then have to convert it. And some of the traffic will convert better than other traffic. Of course, if the traffic that converts better has a higher cost, then maybe in the long run, it is not really a better traffic source for you than the less expensive source that converts at a lower rate.

You see, better or worse is a relative term. If it converts better but costs more - then maybe it really isn’t a better traffic source for you, maybe it is just a higher-converting source for you. So it is really important that you think about what good or better means to you.

Personally, I very much prefer more expensive, higher – converting traffic to less expensive, lower converting traffic. Of course I can buy much more of the low-cost traffic, and get the same total conversion (not percent, just total), for the same price, or perhaps even less, but I prefer to get the higher conversions.

I would rather have 100 subscribers who are good buyers than 1000 who are not good buyers. I would rather sell 10 books at $100 each, than to sell 100 at $10 each. The total dollar volume is the same – but it is much easier to service the $100 customers than the $10 customers.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1200 articles in print and 9 published ebooks.

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