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Neo Nazi Movement Embraces New Pope

There is much celebration for the new Pope in Coeur dí Alene, Idaho. In Idaho is the United State's largest contingency of Neo Nazi groups. The new Pope, Benedict XVI, was a member of the Hitler Youth. The Catholic Church is quick to point out that Benedict XVI joined because it was mandatory not because he hated Jews. Although this is the Catholic Church's current statement on the issue; it has not slowed the Neo Nazi groups from celebrating in the United States or in Germany as they await their revival. Many Neo Nazi groups in Germany are younger generation and some do not even believe the Holocaust happened and that the Jews are making it all up. In the United States however the Neo Nazi groups believe and know it happened, many in the group are Catholic and many more are considering now joining the Catholic Church.

Some question the choosing of the German Catholic Pope because of his background. Some Hispanic Americans and Latin Catholics of the South and Central America feel slighted. Many thought that a Black Pope might have been a worthy idea to unite the World, but realistically the good ole' boy network couldn't let that happen. One thing is for certain no matter who was picked not everyone could agree so black or white smoke may not have been as important as who became the Pope. Some from Islam are happy with the selection, because the German Benedict XVI having been in the Hitler Youth, might have a severe disdain for the Jews as do all people of Islamic Faith as this is taught in their schools from a very early age. Some have asked is the Catholic Church trying to appease these groups to unite the Catholic Church or perhaps appease the International Terrorists since the fastest growing population in Europe is Muslim due to influx of people moving in and substantial birth rates.

The Catholic Church did pray for Nazi soldiers in WWII, just as the Catholic Church prayed for allied forces during the war. They had done well playing both sides and Benedict XVI was there to see it all and participate. It is for this reason that the Neo Nazi movement is overjoyed that they now have a Pope, which understands their calling and served in the Hitler Youth. Perhaps this might help a divided Germany come together or embolden the Neo Nazi movement in the United States to take over. Some Jews in the America are horrified and cannot believe the Catholic Church could make such a poor choice. Even as the Catholic Church plays down the Popes involvement in Nazi Germany both sides are emotional about the issue. How do you feel about the selection?

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