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No Word Yet on Pedophiles With New Catholic Pope

The new Pope is not expected to break ranks with his fellow Cardinals or Army of Priests any time soon and come clean on the issues of child molestation and pedophilia. We all know and it is no secret that Catholic Priests around the world are pedophiles and child molesters. Not all but enough to be alarming as the problems are so wide spread it might be safer to take your kids and drop them off for the weekend at ‘Never Neverland Ranch’ then to leave them alone with the local Priest. Some argue and defend the church others know these things have been going on for over two thousand years.

In the United States we will shut down a school, day care center at the drop of a hat if there are even widespread rumors of such activity. Yet, the Catholic Church under the leadership of Cardinal Law simply moved the pedophile and homosexual phenophile (adolescent molestation) Priests around from perish to perish. We also know that this activity to this day goes on in the United States although the real problem is across the Globe as the Catholic Church has its fingers on every continent. Will the new Pope, Benedict XVI, come out with a statement against this common practice and method of operation of the Catholic Priests around the world? Can the Catholic Church afford to lose that many Priests; if so who will run the Church. No one seems to want to come out about the issue or make a statement on it.

Some say the Benedict XVI is a traitor to the parishioners of the Catholic Church if he does not come out with a statement against pedophilia, while others think he may have been involved is such pedophile activity himself between his stint with the Nazi Party “Hitler Youth” and his name change to Benedict the XVI. Many Cardinals say that he was chosen because he was dear friends with the last Pope. Many parishioners believe he was chosen because he was the only cardinal with a clean record since there are no living parties able or willing to come forward with accusations or proof of molestation charges.

Many Hispanic and Black Americans are upset that a Hispanic or Black Pope was not chosen, some feel slighted and are planning on leaving the Church. Was the choice made because maybe some of the other cardinals of ethnic decent had checkered pasts or some molestation charges might be mentioned furthering the Catholic Church’s public relations nightmare? Many want to know why such able Cardinals were skipped over and what they had done wrong in their past to get the “NO” vote. Still others are waiting to see if this new Pope will come clean on the molestation charges against the church. How do you feel about your children being molested by the Catholic Church?

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