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Purgatory: A Doctrine Not Of Christ, But A Mere Invention Of The Roman Catholic Church

Before my convertion to the Church of Christ, I was made to believe the third destination of the souls of the dead man which is the purgatory. Every Sunday, our family pay for a Mass for the souls of our dead loveones which is believed to be in the purgatory.

But through the help of the Church of Christ, I was awaken from blindly following unscriptural teachings of the Roman Catholic Church including the doctrine on Purgatory by introducing me the pure doctrines of Christ and His Apostles which are recorded in the Holy Bible.

To let you know, the word "PURGATORY" is not found in the Holy Bible. From the book of Genesis to the book or Revelation, "Purgatory" is never mentioned. The Bible doesn't teach about it, nor teach that there is a place like purgatory. The teaching of Christ is clear, that the destination of man is either (1)attainment of eternal life or (2)condemnation to eternal punishment, and that it will not happen right after the death of man but on the day of judgment. Christ said this:

28 Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice 29 and come forth—those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation. (John 5:28-298, NKJV)
The Roman Catholic Church clearly contradicts this pronouncement of Christ because they are teaching that man will enter (1)heaven, remains in (2)purgatory, or be thrown into the lake of fire or (3)hell:
"The rewards or punishments appointed for men after the particular judgment are heaven, purgatory, or hell ..." (My Catholic faith by Rev. Louis LaRavoire, p. 157)
But, is it ony me and the Church of Christ noticed that the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church on purgatory is not biblically founded? No! Even a former priest Lucien Vinet revealed this on his book "I Was A Priest":
"Purgatory, ike Mass, has no foundation in Holy Scriptures. Christ and the first Christians never talked about it and never knew of its supposed existence." (p. 44)
And not only a former priest like Lucien Vinet know this truth, even a practicing priest Joseph A. Kenney C.SS.R. also revealed:
"If Catholics believe and their church teaches the doctrine of 'purgatory', on what foundaton does the doctrine rest? It is a fair question. et us admit in all honesty that this question immediately raises a problem for those Christians who base their faith in 'Scripture Alone', the position that there is no source of revelation other than the scriptures. Nowhere in Scriptures does the word, 'Purgatory', occurs. (Purgatory: Doctrine of Comfort and Hope, p.2)
In other words, even the Catholic Authorities knew and admitted that 'Purgatory' doctrine is not based on the Bible but from something or somewhere.

I was really amazed that a church claiming to be of Christ is not following Christ teachings, instead invented doctrines that directly contradict the teachings of Christ. And one of these invented doctrines is the doctrine on Purgatory.

About the Author:

Sustines E. Laplana (SELaplana: http://www.selaplana.com ) is the first Pinoy Blogger and EMarketer in Southern Leyte, Philippines who blogs on Technology, Society and Reviews/Promotions of products and owns the Cellphones For Sale blog ( http://cellphones-for-sale.blogspot.com ). Writing articles is his passion. And writing religious articles is his love, so that everyone will learn the truth taught by the Bible.

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