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Religion and Your Health

Did you know a person may or may not support a medical practice or advancement based on his or her religion? Itís true, and to a degree itís not at all shocking. Many Christians and Catholics alike oppose abortions because they feel an abortion murders a child and therefore goes against God and his Word, i.e., the Bible. The abortion debate has been going on for years, so thatís no surprise; however, whether or not a particular medical practice is supported by a particular religion goes beyond just abortion. It stretches out to other medical procedures covered by health insurance, as well as health insurance itself.

Practices covered by health insurance such as birth control and other forms of contraception and the withdrawal of a life support system, i.e., ďpulling the plug,Ē are sometimes supported or not supported based solely on a personís religion.

Many health insurance policies cover birth control and other forms of contraception, and many women take advantage of this coverage because they arenít interested in becoming mothers; however, contraception is frowned upon by some religions. For example, many Catholics do not use any form of birth control because they feel it goes against the Catholic religion; yet, there are actually Catholics out there who support birth control, despite the Popeís, and the religionís itself, disapproval and assertion that it goes against the Catholic religion.

Similar to abortion, many people feel that shutting off a vegetative personís life support system is the same as committing murder, and is therefore immoral and goes against their religion. At the same time, the cost to keep a person who is in a vegetative state on life support is extremely high, and many health insurance policies wonít pay for it for very long, if at all.

When it comes to certain kinds of medical coverage provided by, or not provided by, health insurance, many people list religion as a deciding factor.

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