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Roman Catholic Church Comes Clean in Dublin

Today on our CNN News Alerts we learn that the Roman Catholic Church in Dublin has admitted to having sexual predator priests and that this has been going on since 1940. Of course it has been going on for 1000’s of years but those pedophiles are dead now, where they belong.

The CNN News Alert stated; “Roman Catholic archdiocese of Dublin report says 102 priests are suspected of sexually or physically abusing at least 350 children since 1940, The Associated Press reports.”

My question is why are they only admitting to a fraction of the number of abused and sexually molested children when we all know that the number is probably five to ten times as high as reported. This would mean 1020 Pedophile Priests and over 3500 children raped, molested and sexually assaulted since 1940 in Dublin alone.

We need to close down the Roman Catholic Church as they are not above the law. We must close the church and make it against the law. And while we are at it we may as well get rid of all religion because there has been nothing but wars and mind control over the masses they purport to serve for over 8,000 years. This is the year 2006 and surely we can do better than this.

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