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Saints in the Catholic Church

When the Catholic Church proclaims some one to be a saint, after completion of Canonization process, she states two simple truths. That person who have been canonized is enjoying eternity with God, having special powers to intercede before him and she or he is an example to the rest of the Church on how to live a life of virtue so that following his or her example the faithful also may achieve the goal of their earthly journey- eternal life with God.

There are two general category of saints in the Catholic church. First are the Martyrs, an they are the saints that over the centuries have offered their live (or were murdered) for the faith in Christ. This Category of saints is abundant with martyrs from the first few centuries of the life of the Church, since that period of time was marked by the persecution of Christian church. All but one apostles, have lost their lives in martyrdom. This however does not mean that in our modern world there are not any martyrs. During the years of communist persecution in the former Soviet Union, many priests, religious and lay people have given their lives for the faith in Christ. And even today in some countries the persecution of Christianity goes on and faithful continue to offer their lives for Christ.

The second category of saints, are the people who, although did not die as martyrs, have shown a heroic life of virtues. Mother Theresa of Calcutta, is an example of some one who have lived heroic life of virtue. While her canonization process is not complete yet, her example is still vivid to many of us who have witnessed her life.

Proclaiming some one a saint, Church offers us an opportunity to pray to that person who in turn can intercede for us in front of God, but also Church gives us an example in that person how we also can follow Christ in our daily lives.

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