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Sell All Catholic Owned Artwork to Museums to Feed the World

Over the last 2000 years the Catholic Church has accumulated much of the world’s greatest artwork. Much of this artwork today remains in special vaults away from view. Some say it contains secrets to the true past. Of course some people say a lot. But whatever the case the treasures and artwork accumulated thru theft or fencing of stolen works is quite valuable. Some estimate that Museums and private collectors would pay over 85 Billion Dollars for all of it and with that amount of money they will be able to feed the world for many years.

Eventually Vatican will be nuked by Islamic Radical International Terrorists due differences in fundamental beliefs. It would be better to keep the artwork safe by scattering its location throughout the civilized world, placing the pieces in museums rather than hiding the art much of which is stolen in previous periods.

By selling this artwork now the Catholic Church can get them selves into a proper cash flow position so they can do what they say they are doing and help people. This will allow them some extra money for psychological professionals to help their Priest who do not understand why sexually molesting our children is wrong.

The Catholic Church should be required to feed those children who were created due to the lack of use of birth control, which they are against. While feeding these children, instead of molesting them, they can simultaneously fulfill their obligations for their policies and return some of the art work back to the world from which it was stolen. Think on this.

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