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Sell all Catholic Real Estate to Fix the Worlds Problems

How can we feed the world; how can we afford to fix all the Earthís problems; how can we rid the world AIDS and prevent deaths of young African children with Malaria? There seems to be no simple answer to such a problem. Until now! The Catholic Church owns lots of prime real estate in downtown areas and large cities. By selling this real estate now near the top of the market they will make a good return on their investments. In hundreds of cities throughout the United States the Catholic Church has come under fire for activities, which have been going on for thousands of years; the sexual molestation of the parishionerís children, which appears to be problematic for the church. By selling these properties and taking those funds to build smaller churches as the mass exodus continues in the United States and using the remainder of the funds to donate to more legitimate causes such as the AIDS crisis or starving peoples, the Catholic Church can prove once again that it walks the talk.

It is so good for the Catholic Church to consider this worthwhile suggestion. We know how much they care and LOVE children of the world. What a wonderful organization it could be in the future by moving into smaller buildings for their remaining few followers and taking those monies to feed the world. A world over populated now thanks to the Churchís position on birth control. By auctioning these properties and the Pope Mobile and some of those silly costumes they may be able to feed the world for a few years allowing them to downsize with dignity. Isnít this what God would want them to do now?

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