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Sexual Deviants and the Catholic Church

It is unfortunate that the Catholic Church seems to continue their abuse and molestation of our youth and children. Yet it is not all that surprising, since they are sworn to celibacy and there are known and documented physiological needs of man. Raging hormones in our youth and desire throughout our lives is a given of the human species. Asking someone to be celibate is problematic and makes sense that it would come with some baggage. For centuries the Catholic Church has raped, molested and had homosexual sex with orphans, alter boys and children of parishioners. Many nuns suddenly became pregnant certainly this was not believed to be divine intervention.

The biggest hypocrisy of all religion is that of the Priesthood, Cardinalship and staff of the Catholic Church at all levels. Today the Catholic Church has a chance to start with a new fresh face and fresh image, yet already they have called themselves into question by their appointment. This time, Benedict XVI: the Nazi Pope and former team member of the “Hitler Youth” has taken the stage. We are not to prejudge him, for he did not sign up willingly but rather by all accounts and Vatican Public Relations joined the Hitler Youth because it was ‘compulsory’. Not because he was a Jew hater.

Where as this is actually possible; how can we believe the Catholic Church now? How can we be sure that this is not another fabrication of the truth? Why couldn’t he simply say; “It is not in the best interest of the church, for me to be Pope,” after all it would be the right thing to do? Unfortunately what this appointment does is that it gives conspiracy theorists more to chew on. For instance; What is wrong with all the other Cardinals that the Catholic Church had to settle for a former NAZI? Were the other Cardinals blemished by past actions with parishioners children? Were all the other cardinals guilty of molestation, homosexuality and pedophilia? Is there not one decent man amongst the whole lot? This raises more questions?

Are there any Catholic Priests, Cardinals or Bishops with pure thoughts, teaching love and joy to help us through our life experience? Can you name one? Are you sure? The parishioners of all those Priests throughout the United States were sure that their Priest couldn’t possibly do those things. Yet we find thousands upon thousands of cases of molestation. The more we look the more we find. Historical record and diaries show the same thing over two thousand years of such hypocrisy. Is anything ever going to change? Is it really? Is this Pope going to be any different; you really think so? Would you drop your kids off at a Day Care Center with even one or two allegations or even simple accusations of molestation or pedophilia? Would you drop your kids off at ‘Never Neverland Ranch’ for the weekend knowing what you know now? Well would you? Think about it.

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