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Should the Catholic Church Allow Homosexual Priests?

Many in the Gay and Lesbian Community are a little upset with the Catholic Church. Some have commented as merely observations that this latest restriction is part of the larger hypocrisy going on with the church in the present period.

On one hand the Catholic Church says “No Gay Priests” as if some kind of high and mighty calling, yet simultaneously admits to raping children, stealing art, appointing a Pope to unite who was a NAZI Youth and then collecting money from the same group they deny higher rolls to.

The Catholic Church admits their challenges, but one has to ask; What is wrong with this total picture? And one cannot deny that such charges are not a worthy observation and even more worthy of national discussion. Why sugarcoat the truth they ask? It is not okay what is going on with the Catholic Church, as it is not good for mankind and whether merely challenges or an inherent cancer in that organization, still some answers are in order.

Some believe that the Catholic Church needs to clean house and not straddle the line on these issues and that the negative observations are those of the fact. One critic of the Church recently argued on a BLOG;

“Okay let’s take a look here for a second. Are we saying that it is okay to molest children and rape them for 2000 years and then when caught simply apologize? Is that what we are saying, it is okay to RAPE and MOLEST children? Is that offensive to this forum, the truth? If we are talking about the Catholic Church shouldn’t we put it into perspective?”

These are very serious accusations and no one can prove that the Catholic Church approves of the molesting of children, in fact they demand celibacy from their Priests and Bishops, so that means they cannot partake in sexual relations with another no matter of age. So the question then is; “Do we forgive the Catholic Church” and move on or do we listen to those who are furious with the shallow apologies of appeasement of the wishes and laws of our nation and duly kick the Catholic Church out of the country? What do you think?

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