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The Christs Crucifiction

I am grateful to say that I was brought up as a Christian. I am one of the lucky people who know the truth behind Jesus's death on the cross. There are people in this world who believe Jesus existed, but see him as just a prophet, who died to make a protest. This is not so. He died to take away our sin.

His ordeal began in Gethsemene, when he knew his hour had almost come and the human side of his personality was afraid of what lay ahead. I think the scene in Gethsemene, when he begged his Father to "take this cup away," is vital to the story of the passion. We know that he was God's son, and so, had a divine nature. It is very easy therefore, to believe that he did not feel things the way we, as humans, do. If Our Lord had not panicked in the garden, when he sweat blood and called on his father to not make him go through with the suffering, he knew was coming to him, many Christians would have thought that, though his body was being broken, his spirit was far away, and at peace. The conflict between the two halves of his personality, also proves that he always knew what was going to happen. He could have avoided being caught, but instead, he surrendered to the soldiers.

We know that Jesus, throughout his ordeal, was lucid and alert. When they had nailed him to the cross and raised him up to die, his words, at first, were not about himself and the fix he was in. He asked God to forgive the people who had tortured and crucified him, he was also concerned about his mother, and he asked John to look after her. He promised the repentant thief that he would be with Jesus, that day in paradise. It was only later, that his thoughts turned to himself. God The Father cannot be around sin. and Jesus had taken all the sins of the world on his shoulders, therefore, his father turned away from him while he hung on the cross. This is the most painful thing of all for us to think about. After all he had gone through, he did not even have his father to comfort him, but mercifully, that time came to an end and Jesus, after indicating that he was thirsty, gave up his spirit.

Crucifiction is a terrible death, invented by the Greeks and perfected by the Romans. I used to think that Jesus bled to death, but this is not so. The nails prevent the blood escaping to that much of an extent, as would the crown of thorns. On the cross, it is suffocation which causes death, as the chest can not expand to let air into the lungs. It is a slow, horrific death and it is widely believed that Jesus died from heart faliure, because of the blood and water which escaped from him when his side was pierced.

But the story did not end there. As every Christian knows, Jesus was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb, but on the morning of Easter Sunday, he rose again! This is the only point to the death of Jesus! His glorious resurrection and an end to the slavery of our sinful selves. Jesus was brave and he was loving, and anything we go through in our lives, he understands, because he has been there and got the T shirt. Thanks be to God!

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