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The Future of World Religions at the Cross Roads

The Catholic Pope is now under fire from Islam for comments made during a speech, which was like a history lesson about the wars between religion of the past and why they should be reviewed and prevented in the future. Unfortunately, it was misinterpreted by the Islamic Clerics and now we have yet another issue akin to the cartoons that offended the Muslim World. Is it the Catholic World we should scold for the comments of the Pope or should we scold the Muslim World for blowing it up out of context?

This clash of religion and wars has gone on too long. Who is at fault? Well we all are for allowing these conflicts to permeate our minds, TV sets and the World Mass Media, but really all-religion is problematic, Mankind needs to grow up, ditch religion and experience a little acceleration in forward progression of this species.

Some say we are moving too close to WWIII others say it has already started. Yes we are in the midst of WWIII; the conflict in Israel and cease fire and then the attack on US Embassy in Syria, kind of says it all, negotiation is not possible, so action must be taken Carl von Clauswitz style. Meanwhile if Islam does an international terrorist attack on Vatican, then the Italians will indeed strike at the heart of Islam. Do we really need to destroy human culture and history or can we agree to ditch religion without the scattering of human sacrifice across the desert sands? Consider this in 2006.

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