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The Only True Church, the Catholic Church Must Pay 650 Million for Child Molestations

The famous Catholic Pope Benedict has stated that the Catholic Church is the only real Church of Christianity. It seems the Catholic Church is also the only Church to have to pay 600 million in damages for molesting children. If a True Church is one that molests little kids, then why don't we ban all 'True Churches' from our Nation and thus we can protect our children from Child Molesters?

Luckily, with new technology such as "embeddable RFID" chips, we should be able to track all Catholic Priests and Bishops anywhere on the Planet they go. This might be a wonderful high-tech solution to monitor them until they go to their final resting place, where such people go, as the Catholic Church, the only one True Church, tells us?

The Pope was very serious in his words, probably as serious as I am in mine. He stated:

"Christ, established here on earth, only one church and other Churches cannot be called; churches, in the proper sense”

This sounds as if the Pope is claiming some sort of "Brand Name Trademark Law" that is infinite in nature, made so by - you guessed it the Catholic Church? I propose new laws on all "Churches" that if there is an incident of Child Molestation that they be shut down. After all we generally do the same thing for Day Care Centers, where the proprietors are caught with children's pants down who are in their care.

The United States of America is not a place to harbor "Child Molesters" and if that is what the only True Church is about, as they pay 600 million dollars in damages, then by god, who needs them? Think on this.

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