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Top 7 or Top 6.66 Similarities to Franchise Businesses and World Religions

Many people probably do not liken World Religions to a business model and yet many world religions are much like a franchise system. A modern day franchise system indeed is probably the greatest business model ever created in the history of the species and the Catholic Church is the largest and wealthiest church and it most resembles a franchise system. Below are the Top 7 similarities of the Catholic Church model to the franchise model.

1.) Franchise Organizations and Companies use a common brand name with all outlets; The Catholic Church uses a common religious teaching.

2.) Franchise Organizations and Companies use a common Confidential Operations Manual; The Catholic Church uses a similar bible.

3.) Franchise Organizations and Companies sell products to customers for money; The Catholic Church sells perceived eternal salvation in trade for tithing.

4.) Franchise Organizations and Companies charge royalties to all outlets; The Catholic Church in Vatican takes in money from all locations.

5.) Franchise Organizations and Companies like McDonalds own vast amounts of real estate; The Catholic Church owns vast amounts of real estate.

6.) Franchise Organizations and Companies have set up territories between each outlet; The Catholic Church has member churches set up in a similar fashion.

6.66) Franchise Organizations and Companies own and control their outlets for the term of the franchise agreement; The Catholic Church owns its subjects it indoctrinates before 5-years old for life.

It is no wonder that Franchise Organizations and Companies dominate so many market sectors and it is no wonder that The Catholic Church is millenniums old and is the richest in the World. Consider all this in 2006, when considering your organizational strategy for your company.

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