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Edmonton Alberta and More

The province of Alberta has just celebrated its 100th birthday as a province of Canada. To mark the celebration Queen Elizabeth II and prince Philip visited the province on May 23 to May 25 2005. She toured around Alberta visiting different cities along the way. Some on the moments were, in Edmonton where she took a lap at the commonwealth stadium in front of thousands of Canadians. The government of Alberta changed there most busy highway and named it after her (for highway 2 to QE2)

Alberta has two major cities Edmonton and Calgary. Edmonton is the capital of the province and is also known as the gateway to thenorthern Alberta oil sands located in Fort McMurray.

Calgary is known to be headquartering of these large oil companies, also known as white-collar cities.

Some quick facts

-Official language in Alberta is English,

- Calgary is the largest city in Alberta.

-Alberta became a province back in September 1, 1905 splitting for their northern neighbors Northwest Territories.

-Alberta has some of the most beautiful land terrain in the world

-Alberta economy is the busiest in all of Canada due to the oil sands in Fort McMurray

There are other wonderful cities in Alberta here are a few, Banff, Wetaskiwin, Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Jasper, Lethbridge, Camrose, Lloydminster, and Red Deer.

It is the expressed opinion as a writer to visit this beautiful province of Alberta; it offers some of the prettiest sights in the world (Banff, Jasper) also having the biggest shopping mall in the world (west Edmonton mall) for the avid shopper.

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