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The Spanish Audio Bible

Spanish speakers will be delighted to discover that the audio Bible is available in a Spanish language version. An audio Bible is essentially a recording of the spoken Word of God. You can find audio Bibles available on CDs and also in mp3 formats, so that they are easily portable and playable wherever you go. You will find the audio Bible available in many versions, including the King James, the New International Version, the Catholic audio Bible, the Contemporary English version, the New International Readers Version for Children, the New Revised Standard, the New King James version, the Good News versions both in Anglicized and Australian versions, and the Anglicized New International version.

The entire New Testament is available in one small audio Bible on CD compact disc that you can play on your home or car stereo system, or on your home computer. If transportability is what you need in order to fit audio Bible study into your busy schedule, you can get the Spanish New Testament downloaded onto a tiny mp3 player, so that you can take it with you on walks and workouts, in order to study at your convenience.

The areas of the world where you will find many Spanish-speaking cultures include North, Central and South America, along with the country of Spain. Mexico constitutes the country with the largest number of Spanish speakers, numbering at just under 109 million. Many from around the world have been lucky enough to visit Mexico, which boasts a very large tourism industry. People come to Mexico to visit the ancient native indigenous cultural ruins and the beautiful beach resorts. Three-quarters of the total Mexican population lives in cities, with only one-quarter of the population residing in rural areas.

Church and state are kept quite separate in Mexico. The state does not offer funding to churches, and churches do not play a part in public education in this country. A vast number of people in Mexico subscribe to the Roman Catholic faith. Because of the church and state separation, priests are not allowed to be elected to public office.

Along with the Spanish audio Bible it is easy to find many peices of heritage to enjoy from Mexico. One aspect of culture that you will find supported by taxes in Mexico are state ministries of culture and education. These branches of government promote the state sponsorship of orchestras that provide music for citizens of various cities. Fine artists that have hailed from Mexico include Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, who were more recently brought to worldwide attention with the release of the movie entitled "Frida."

Mexico has been greatly influenced by Spain's colonization of Mexico, which lasted for 300 years. Not only has this impacted religion, but this alos had an impact on the cuisine that developed in the region. Early Spanish conquerers added to the foods they were already familiar with to include foods native to Mexico such as chocolate, maize, tomato, avocado, peanut, turkey, sweet potato, beans, vanilla, papaya, pineapple, beans, and chile peppers.

Susan Slobac has traveled to Mexico and visited many churches while there. She always brings the audio Bible on CD on her travels. She has a translated version of the Spanish audio Bible to listen to. She has been able to share the Catholic audio Bible with many listeners, and has even held an audio Bible study in a remote area in Mexico.

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