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A Thing Or Two About Religious Development

How about reinstating parents as the religious leaders of their families?

For too long...the religious teaching and faith of children has been given over to others...

The government imposes programs to control the contents of school curricula and textbooks... where and with whom the growth and development of your children will take place... they dictate the length and amount of education required.

Politicians tell us it takes a "village" to raise your child...They impose laws and policies to "leave no child behind"...policies that dictate what a parent can do... or cannot do for the effective development and education of their children.

I spent over 40 years in the Catholic School System as a teacher, administrator, religious education director and spiritual director. I met and worked with clergymen... pastors...theologians... and other church officials...Many did not have their own children and fewer still ever taught them.

Quite frankly...a good number of them thought the same way many politicians do about educating the young.

Every aspect of your kids' development is controlled...and imposed by others... Well, whose kids are they anyway?

Isn't it just about time for parents to recognize and reclaim their rights as the primary religious and secular educators of their children?

...What do you think!

They are not mine...not the politician's...not the minister's...they are YOURS

Parents are the born leaders of their children...they have within them a leader's qualities...traits... and skills to accomplish this God-given mission.

The home schooling movement is thriving in this country. More parents have taken back the... duty and right...to pass on to their children...their own values about God...morality...sexuality... marriage...family...politics...environmental and human rights issues...etc.

Without condemning the beliefs of others...many parents want to instill their values into their children's hearts and minds...not the values of politicians elected by special interest groups.

Parents want to give their kids...a value base...that they can use to respond to the world with all of its ideas and challenges.

They want their teachings to be effective...which means they want them to show up in their children's thinking and behavior...at crucial moments in their lives.

Think about yourselves as... family leaders... spiritual directors...and educators with rights and duties when it comes to your children and their religious development.

If you don't...what is the alternative? More political and governmental policies?...They will become the nannies and substitutes...for your children...

They take over your rights as parents...

Remember whose kids they are anyway!

Sally Brown, M.A., Sp. Director, is a trained educator and spiritual director. She has worked in the educational system for over forty years as an administrator, teacher, mentor and spiritual director. Her experience stretches from preschool, elementary and junior high school, high school, youth to adults. She has taught and given workshops in California, Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado and in Italy. She was an associate of The New Life Institute for Human Development in Virginia and The Mercy Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she worked with men and women Catholic sisters and priests.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sally_C._Brown