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Does Not Being Able To Find Hoover Vacuum Bags Drive You Crazy?

Jean wanted to vacuum the living room last Saturday. One reason was because Rick, her handyman husband, had just bought her a brand spanking new Hoover vacuum cleaner. Jean was extremely happy about that because her mother had taught her how to clean the house and vacuum the carpet with her Hoover vacuum cleaner way back in the sixties.

Jean's mother had also learned from her mom, Jean's grandmother, way-way back in the forties. So you might say that the Barkerstone family was a Hoover vacuum clan.

However, that particular Saturday Jean was not making much progress with the rugs and carpet. She started vacuuming the way she had learned from her mom, but nothing was happening. She would go over and over little pieces of trash, but her new Hoover vacuum just would not pick up anything.

Imagine her surprise when she discovered that Rick, needing something to put some new sweet potatoes in for Jean's brother, had borrowed her vacuum bag. Of course, he was going to put it back later, but had somehow forgot.

The moral of this story is this. Don't plan to vacuum your house on Saturday with your new Hoover vacuum when your husband is working in the garden with your brother. Huh?

Steve McArthur

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