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Things To Do In Newcastle NSW, Australia

There are so many exciting things to do in Newcastle NSW, Australia, you may want to skip the more well known tourist spots and head straight for Newcastle.

Newcastle Australia is one of the countries best kept secrets.

Most tourists don't realise just how good the beaches and nearby vineyards are, nestled between Sydney and Byron bay it's often overlooked for these more well known tourist locations.

Tourist can expect amazing adventures and experiences in and around Newcastle that take one one of the most beautiful locations in the World.

First you've got one of the countries top wine making regions in the picturesque Hunter Valley, which is only a 40 minute drive west of Newcastle.

Just a 30 minute drive south of Newcastle you have the World Heritage Listed Port Stephen's, and Nelson Bay. Featuring a remarkably beautiful expansive bay, which is the countries premier bay diving experience.

You can see the local Dolphins playing alongside the bay throughout the day. The bay is guarded by two prominent green headlands. Surfing fishing, diving, and a town big enough to support a full range of accommodation selections, oh and there are a couple of championship golf courses, one designed by Greg Norman.

Newcastle itself has one of the most impressive array of beaches within a city that would be hard to match anywhere.

Some of the best surfers in the world have come from Newcastle such as legendary 4 time world surfing champion Mark Richard's. But apart from the real surfers paradise you have got many other attractions in this prominent city.

Being Australia's sixth largest city, Newcastle is big enough to never get boring, there is just so much to see and do. It's also one of the oldest cities in Australia so it has a lot of Australian history to soak up, including some impressive Architecture.

Being a working city for most all of it's history you get a down to earth charter of locals that is hard matched anywhere in the land - these people are the real Australian's. Who have worked hard to create an Australia to what it is today

Newcastle is the perfect location for your next holiday, whether it be a short break or extended stay.

Newcastle is the capital of the Hunter Region and has the added advantage of the top regional health, education, entertainment, cultural and even sporting facilities.

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