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Faith Healing and the Catholic Church - Introductory Summary

Everyone is concerned with what is called in a derogative way, the "Heath and Wealth Gospel" or "Name It and Claim It". I believe that there does exist a perversion of the Biblical teachings concerning health and prosperity. I am concerned that warnings about the perversion might be construed as presenting the gospel as one of despair and no hope.

We all really know that true healing is the healing of one's spirit and soul based on God's complete forgiveness of all our sins and short comings. We also all really know that true riches are peace with God and our fellow man and that no one is really poor who has friends.

St. Frances of Assisi took a vow of poverty and went preaching the Gospel. He did this by renouncing the wealth of his family which was substantial. He also founded an Holy Order that had this vow of poverty be one of the principle attributes. Certainly St. Frances followed our Lord who "for your sake became poor". [2 Cor 8:9]

Certainly, becoming a homeless person is not the goal any of us would want for our children. Neither would we wish cancer nor any other deadly disease upon them. On the contrary, we push our kids to do well in school and hopefully graduate from a good college. We also provide the best medical care we can afford.

The message of the Catholic Church is that God loves us his children as we do our children.

Yes the Church does admit the possibility that you could be sick and or in poverty because of sin in your life. But that would be the easiest problem to overcome. Repentance takes only that fraction of a minute it takes to verbalize your sin in repentance to God. And if your sin is serious or mortal, the Church has the Sacrament of Reconciliation to assure you of total forgiveness from God.

Of course, if you would rather live in sin than to repent and have God's forgiveness, then you might as well forget about the rest of this document.

This document does not deal with the "wealth" part of "health and wealth".

I don't speak for the Catholic Church but the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) does. I quote the CCC and follow the footnotes which are often linked to Scripture. I suggest the reader have available both the CCC and his/her Bible and see whether my representations are correct.


This is part of a FREE 23 page document, Faith Healing Consistent with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which can be found in the Cooperation Among Christian Denominations section of the Independent Christian website.

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