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Adult Friend Finder Reviews - Is It A Big Scam Or Genuine Fun For All?

I first started to hear about Adult Friend Finder about six months ago, to be honest though I actually thought it might not be all it was hyped up to be. I set about trying to find an Adult Friend Finder eReview site and came to the conclusion that they were all trying to sell me something. No where could I find a straight answer!

In the end I just took the plunge and joined Adult Friend Finder. I expected everyone who was hot in my area to vanish once I had paid my membership.

Now let's get something straight from the start, if you are looking to hook up with people in your area for social meetings etc then Adult Friend Finder is probably not the place to look. I'm fairly sure you will be able to find lots of 'agencies' in the local phone book.

Adult Friend Finder is an adult only community that is more geared towards sexual activities between adults, you can cover it up and call it a dating site if you want and perhaps you might just find it If you're lucky.

This site can seem very complicated when you first join and to be honest it's because it is just so big! It's massive and you can find just about any type of person imaginable there. Not just a young lady friend or a hunky male specimen, be more specific down to chst size and up will come hundreds of results.

It took me ages to find out where everyone was and how to find them and I'm quite good with computers. But my real feelings on the site were a little different once I had the navigation under control!

To find out what I really thought of Adult Friend Finder the click here to visit my own site I'll even show you inside Adult Friend Finder and where to find everything you can imagine!

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