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14 Major Mobsters Caught By FBI

Fourteen major mobsters have been arrested by the Chicago FBI. All are considered devout Catholics and had been extremely active in the Catholic Church. Some believe that the huge amounts of money they had donated in their lifetimes helped them go without prosecution or arrest for most of their lives. The group arrested in many states has alleged to have killed 18 people, but had also been pillars to the community and church donating millions to the Catholic causes. Of those arrested were; Joey "the Clown" Lombardo, Frank "the German" Schweihs, Frank "Gumba" Saladino. Many of the 18 mob murders that stretch back over four decades; had gone unsolved almost forgotten.

The Chicago Cardinal of the Catholic Church Francis George was not picked up as part of the investigation and arrests. He returned to Chicago after visiting the new Pope, but was not arrested. There are many FBI agents in Chicago who are in the Catholic Church and some feel this may have been the reason that once again the Catholic Church squeaked by without arrests of the Cardinal. If you will recall, Cardinal Law of Boston, fled prosecution and went to Vatican as a fugitive and was re-assigned similar to how he re-assigned Child Molesting Priests from parish to parish so they could repeat their molesting of parishioners children.

The mobsters were careful to align themselves with the Catholic Church and many mobsters although quite corrupt in their business dealings helped contribute to the Catholic Church through custom and culture. Many of these families were have roots all the way back to Sicily and have rich Italian backgrounds. The Catholic Church allowed for anonymity and offered forgiveness in exchange for the dirty cash donations to run the expensive costs of the church.

Many are quick to point out that even though much of the Catholic Church’s mob money donations came from the exploitation of people, black mail, drugs and protection extortion monies that were there by laundered into a more legitimate stream ended up doing good for the communities and downtrodden. Others believe the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church in taking mob monies is typical and similar to their blind eye and turning a their heads to the known child molestation of two-thousand plus years. As for the victims, well many are dead, murdered or paid to shut up. This includes police, politicians and businessmen.

Did the Catholic Church help the FBI and turn in the old mobsters, many of whom are now over 60 years old? Some may not even be able to stand trial or live to serve their sentences, if in fact they are actually convicted. Can the mobsters trust the Catholic Church after all these years of accepting blood money for silence? Will the new mob families go after these Priests, Clergy and Cardinals for their help with the FBI? Will the FBI keep their testimonies in secrecy? Does this mean the Catholic Church is turning a new leaf over their acceptance of dirty money, which has caused so much hardship and pain for the City of Chicago? If the Catholic Church is ridding themselves of their dirty deeds and crime links? Does this mean they will now oust the child molesters, which are still in their ranks, pulling down the pants of our children and having their way with them?

We shall see if in fact the help of the Catholic Church and secret tips to the FBI are a new pattern of truth and leadership under the new Pope Benedict who is now in charge of the a Church which has betrayed their parishioners trust. Obviously at this point we cannot elaborate more on the links between the Catholic Church and the old time mobsters caught this week by the FBI or participation and helpful information given by the church leading to the arrests. The case is still going and interference in a Federal Investigation is illegal. We ask you; should the Cardinal in Chicago be forced to resign or arrested for his ongoing association with the Mob in the windy city? Think about it.

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